Albuquerque:  home of freeways, highways, bike paths, walkways, bosques, and Rail Runner railways. Where the unexpected is the best.

Driving on I-40 the median-scape displays replicas of native pottery, giant size. Plantings of southwestern native and natural rocks with light features all enhanced by the brilliant sunshine and blue sky. Sometimes rain and snow embellish the scene.

MrTumbleweed-crop-LRIn December standing just off the shoulder of I-40 the gigantic white thistle snowman decked out in a blue cap and a red scarf welcomes travelers. It is hard to believe only three tumbleweeds form the thirteen foot tall thistlesculpture. The bottom is eight feet across. The reinforced platform keeps him steady during Albuquerque’s common high winds.

The thistle man has been around for twenty years. We hope he continues to be the jolly guard of I-40 for as long as the tumbleweeds grow. Thank you AMAFCA for this Albuquerque treasure.

One percent for art…is displaying treasures for the public to enjoy where art is least expected.

Fin Facts from Flossie Q FishScience Wowzers for Kids

Sunburns are common to blue whales, fin whales and sperm whales. Only the skin of blue whales go to darker shades. We don’t know if whales have melanomas.

Farts are as common for ocean mammals as for humans.

Whales fart or pass gas or gas bubbles that have a smell and can be seen.

Moon burps are gasses from the moon’s interior released by quakes through cracks and crevices.

Volcano Screams hold deep secrets. Mini-earthquakes intensify in volume and pitch and may help predict larger eruptions by the indication of pressure changes from the core of the volcanoes.