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Head east aNeedHelpSignnd leave I-40 at Tramway, an informational sign provides info to donate or seek help.

A right turn and then a left, lands you at La Luz de Amistad [Light of Friends] park. Ted Egri’s “Hand of Friendship” sculpture stands near old Route 66, the eastern gateway to Albuquerque. The abstract IMG_8851steel sculpture portrays his sensitivity to diversity and the needs of mankind.

The pre-cast colored concrete pavers provides a human sundial; stand in the center and your shadow shows the time. Benches and a sculptured decorative wall of concrete segments are accented with LED lights and offer sanctuary.

The colorful bicycles are bike racks and a reminder that the Tramway Boulevard bike trail begins or ends here and to be safe when biking or driving to preserve the lives of other living creatures. Decorated white bikes show remembrance of unfortunate riders.

RIMG_8854etracing your steps back to Tramway and under the overpass to the bridge wall barrier and you will be reminded that long before man traversed this planet, about 500 to 250 million years ago, it was filled with aquatic invertebrates. The sloping wall displays replicas of trilobites, water scorpions and spinifend brachiopods all fossils found in limestone of the nearby Manzanita Mountains.

Trilobit-ishOnTramwayAnother ABQ surprise with a story to tell and treasure.V-Trilobit-ishOnTramway