car wrecksCrop-LRThat is not junk, that’s a sculpture awaiting to be created. Christopher Fennell is the person for the job. He saw a demolished barn and it became a wooden wave for his art school. The materials had been used and abandoned, waiting to be reclaimed and all carried a message or impact to be conveyed. Engineering and art formed his inspirations. His work challenges the viewer to look beyond the recognizable shape to see how everything is connected, often with humor.

When imaging the Albuquerque one percent art tax piece, his memories of hikes in the beautiful Sandia Mountains surfaced. The vision of a bird emerged…a hawk, in flight swooping up and down, around and above him. That was the Auto Hawk’s beginning. It developed into a 24 foot tall structure with feathers made of 30 re-purposed car doors fitted together to form a hawk caught in a thermal over the high southwestern desert.

C-FennelSculpCrp-LRThe Auto Hawk sculpture can be seen at 331 First Street SW almost under the Lead Avenue bridge by the Silver Gardens Parking Garage. Greyhound bus passengers catch a glimpse of Auto Hawk as the bus pulls into the parking area. Another of Albuquerque’s unexpected but exciting points of interest. Keep looking, you never know what you’ll see.