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A “Chevy on a Stick.” Is it candy, do you lick it? Maybe roast it over a grill? Actually, the first “Chevy on a Stick” was on a three-story high poles at 2412 Clear Lake Avenue for seventeen years. The 1955 Chevy BEL-AIRE two-door hardtop came down for restorations several tines before its reincarnation.ChevyOnStickArea-LR

Today a tile-covered ’50’s Chevrolet sits atop a 26 foot-tall arch pedestal. It was designed in 1991 as part of a street-widening project on Gibson at 5001 San Mateo SE. The sculpture is one of the project “Cruising San Mateo.” It speaks of the neon bulge car culture of the West. Barbara Grygutis, the artist, believed we put our cars on pedestals. It’s the American thing to do. She also ties the art into the environment and life style. Some lookers loved the tiled sculpture and some were furious and called it frivolous. For many years it was the favorite piece in the city art contest.ChevyOnlyOnStick-LRCruisingSaqnMateo2

The second piece of art in the “Cruising San Mateo” project is a sloping, blue-tiled table tucked into a corner of the residential area at San Mateo and Eastern SE. No references as to the intentions of the artist was found. According to some references a third piece was in the plans but nothing reliable was found in my research.

Where there is art there is controversy…if you don’t like it move on and find something to make you smile.