CMeyerOpenS openSpace2 OpenSpaceroofGo looking in places you’d least expect. Trust your eyes and camera lenses so you’ll be surprised to see what you’ve seen in the places you’ve been. Remember to visit places least traveled.

Chris Meyer is a hybrid artist and artographer who uses a camera for his brush, paper for his film and nature as his subject. A small diagonal fissure in a granite outcrop may release secrets only previously known to Mother Nature. A gnarly knot in a decaying cottonwood tree can trigger many photo twists and turns before it becomes “an again experience,” one to come back to and look at again and again. Sometimes feathers, washers, leather bits, coins, and other dangly-bits are added for the final touch. Many times the accoutrements will hang off the picture edge.

The essential tools are cameras, printers, spray glues, glosses and matte finishes, plus many types of paper and fabric to develop textures by layering, tearing, rearranging, reversing plus loads of creative imagination and the eye and heart of an artist. Design principles are considered and used for contrast and shape, sizes, theme and cropping. Many techniques are used to break up too much “calmness” caused by white edges or large quiet spaces. Meyer’s favorite technique to exercise the viewers brain is to let the design escape off the edge of the picture frame.

Elementary school was the extent of Chris’s formal art education. He has always loved photography and shooting creative pictures has always been a part of who he is. After he finished his engineering, film and advertising careers he turned to artography.

A spectacular show of art about Open Spaces in Bernalillo County is on view at the Open Space Visitor Center, 6500 Coors Blvd NW. The exhibit will continue until Aug. 28, 2016, open Tuesday through Sunday 9:00 to 5:00.