IMG_3786 “Mirror Mirror on the wall I need courage for my
writing, what must I do?”

“Why do you need courage, my dear? Is there some-
thing that you fear?” questioned the Mirror. With her
usual sensitivity she elaborated. “Remember, the
best courage is the refusal to quit, be tenacious and
have grit! Stick to your writing through tough times.
Words hide behind your computer keys and refuse to
come out at your touch. Ideas are frozen icicles on the trees.

So the water is muddied and the torrent is fast and sentences
get stuck on rubbish in the paragraph. Ideas played leap
frog and are completely out of control and off the

“Oh, Mirror Mirror there are times when the
thought of writing leaves me in a terrible rage.”

“Yes, dear but never fear, better times will appear.IMG_3629
How soon, we never know, it is the writing Fairy
Godmother’s decree. If your life feels like Cinderella’s
all rags and ashes. Remember what courage did
for her.

Finally dear writer, when your manuscript is ready
to submit, fear will come nipping at your courage.
Move on. Take that step, research the market
and then do it. Proof read that manuscript and read it again
before you shakily hit the button SEND. Maybe your agent
or publisher prefers snail mail, then stick on the stamps
and drop the manuscript in the postal box.
Banish the project from your mind. Move on.

The quest for courage is ever present. The envelope or email
from the publisher arrives and the timing was not quite
right; the subject was not appropriate for this venue. Maybe
next time a phone call will bring the good news message we
want to work with you let’s talk. If not this message then with
courage you will prevail and find another address, hit the SEND
button again and/or buy more stamps for the manuscript and set it
on the way until success is yours.”

“Thank you, thank you, Mirror Mirror for your musing advice.
The reflections will be beneficial when the courage ebb is low
and my grit needs refreshing.”