Betty Higbie’s Flossie Q Fish is a picture book that describes Flossie’s search for the source of a noise that disturbed her peace. Barroom and Burp disrupt
Flossie Q Fish’s peace and quiet. She questions a seahorse and an otter if they heard the moon burp or whale fart noise. She is sent to BB, the blue whale. Her whale info convinces her it is the right thing to do. Devastated by BB’s laughter she goes home. There she discovers she hadn’t “seen what’s around her, waiting to be seen.”

Flossie includes a page of Fin Facts to help young readers understand the book’s marine life, such as blue whales.

Betty and Lee Higbie have two novels, written using the pen name BJ Creighton.

No Sanctuary is a mystery set around Rowe Sanctuary in Central Nebraska.

Paul Capodicasa, a wealthy benefactor of Rowe Sanctuary, is
bludgeoned to death in a Rowe photo-blind. Detective Bobbie Lee must solve the murder while avoiding interference from the Mafia and her district attorney uncle. She must also confront the possibility that her biological son is the murderer. The initial DNA analysis indicates her son may have been involved and the evidence from the murder keeps pointing her toward the same person whom she thinks may be the son she gave up for adoption. The boy born to her after a rape by the man who is now trying to remove her from the case.



Ebolavirus is a thriller primarily set in Atlanta and Tel Aviv.

CDC Scientist Gunn Shore struggles to find the source of an EbolaCover-LREbola outbreak in the Mideast, as the countries accuse each other of bio-terrorism. He must redouble his effort when one member of his team shows symptoms of the gruesome hemorrhagic disease. He returns to his lab in Atlanta and discovers that his son-in-law, who had been in Baghdad, has come down with the Ebola.

As Gunn’s world collapses around him, he determines that the most likely source for the disease is an American. His evidence is so tenuous and circumstantial, he realizes stopping the disease and catching the perpetrator is entirely up to him. []