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What a wonderful season for political comics or bloggers. Never expected this one topic to go on for so long. I’ll start with a couple of saws that writers can use in characterizing people (characters). I hope our delicious candidates prove useful to many of you.

  1.  Never assume conspiracy when stupidity will explain something.

This is a special note for the dems who find some Russian-led conspiracy in the poking around in our election software. Though that is possible, the probability is low. Much more likely is that some Putin lone-wolf friend is behind the hacks. But, none of this would be happening if the election officials weren’t so naive as to have easily hacked systems that they keep on-line. And, one reason that none of this is apt to have much affect on the results is the distribution of the system. With 50 state systems, 3000 county systems, and a gazillion other entities, it strains any intelligent person’s intellect to expect anything significant to happen from hackers.

True, if there were a very close election, it could be done, but even then it is more probable that local election officials commit the fraud than some outsider could do it. Most of those thousands of election boards have to be watching for outside hacks.

2. One indication of a weak mind is assuming a conspiracy

Mark Cuban’s advice to Hillary (before the first debate, quote below) was to impugn Donald’s intelligence. Like the observation of his short fingers, the BearSchoolSongobservation of his modest intellect drives him nuts (and on the attack). All Donald’s talk of a conspiracy is another proof that Mark was correct.

“Donald Trump has got unlimited number of insecurities. But the No. 1 one thing, I would say, is his insecurity with his intellect. There’s a reason why he always refers to where he went to college and … that [he’s] a smart person.” – Mark Cuban, 10 September.

In an attempt to tie this into the title of this blog, relate it to the earlier ones, and to balance my attacks, note Hilary’s egotism has (seems to have ??) prevented her from admitting obvious mistakes. Even her advisers don’t seem able to convince her to act contrite about the obvious mistake in using her own email server.

Remember Higbie’s Law about Politicians: If a politician says something it’s a lie. Most politicians don’t lie because they never say anything. Last verifiable assertion I can remember was 20 years ago, “I did not have …”