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I’ve heard many threats of moving to Canada, and even New Zealand, if xxx (pick your favorite target) is elected. It seems to me that everyone might be well advised to consider four years of imwithstupidtravel outside the U.S. My analysis leading to this stems mostly from The Donald’s pronouncements. (Cartoon from BeforeItsNews.com.) The reasons for moving if he wins:

  • Don’t want none of my tax money going to a billionaire
  • Given four years, he is certain to make some inflammatory remark about the head of a nuclear state, which could start a nuclear weapon exchange
  • I don’t want to be governed by a rapist (the rape started with his threat to sue accusers and will end with the suit if he’s inconsiderate enough to follow through)
  • How can a person with zero empathy possibly do a good job ruling?
  • How can a person who is always right ever learn anything

The reasons for the extended vacation if she wins:

  • I would never trust a lawyer who shows no sense of humor
  • If she is so badly informed about technology (not understanding email), how can she be trusted to do anything concerning science and engineering correctly?
  • The probability of a civil war is too high, one started by the polemics of her opponent
  • I want Obamacare repealed (just keep giving me free medical care)
  • Who wants to hang around with someone who thinks you’re deplorable?

The polls and show several things that should confirm our Sysyphian existence:

  • After about a few billion dollars and many kazillion adds, approval and disapproval ratings have barely changed
  • Dismantling trade agreements will hurt our economy. A few jobs have been exported, but automation has taken many more, and they will never come back
  • So much of our food comes from outside the US, food prices will rise, especially in winter
  • Building a wall will eliminate the primary source of farm labor (jobs few Americans are willing or even able to do). Pearls before Swine has another take on this.
  • American prosperity has been largely based advances in science and technology
    • Hillary seems to have no understanding of the issues
    • Donald pays no attention to the people who understand science

On the plus side, humorists should have a field day with a President Trump, and probably with a President Clinton II. My doubts in the second case are because I expect accusations of sexism will stifle some of it. On the other hand, post-election bumper stickers in the past have proclaimed XX Million Americans can’t be Wrong. And that was just a minor bad-loser whine.

Recommendation: Make sure you have plenty of hot shower water when you go to vote, but do vote.