Take a risk. No way not me. 1’m not a risk taker. If this sounds like anyone you know, read on.

The chicken crossed the road. It was a risk – to venture onto the road was a choice. What was on the other side? What beckoned and demanded that made the chicken take the risk?  The choice meant danger, threat, hazards and peril for the chicken. The exposure left it vulnerable, and insecure if a chicken is ever anything but insecure. The chicken may have experienced the fowl versionbetty-breadsticks-lr of an adrenalin rush to have successfully completed the danger fraught task.

Then, too, the sky might have fallen on the little hen if she had not crossed the road. Every day a road is crossed. A risk taken. A choice is made. Start with a small risk – eat something different. Listen to ska, rap or another type of music unfamiliar to your ear. A new experience, hardly scary at all. Move on to bigger risks like – fear of heights. Take an elevator (not a glass one) to the top of a slightly tall building. Step out and breathe deeply many times. Then peek between the fingers and locate the perimeter of this space where risk practice is taking place. Walk slowly toward the boundary. Wipe sweaty hands as feet propel the protesting body forward. Didn’t make it. That’s okay, it can be a work in progress until one day the view from the pinnacle, be it a skyscraper or a mountain peak can be endured if not enjoyebrynwalkingonrocks-lrd. A sufferer of acrophobia is probably not ergophobic. If you are a writer, fear of work is not your kind of malady.

The writer turned the computer on it was a risk but to venture the fingers onto the keyboard is a choice. What made the fingers move? Something beckoned, demanded and impelled the mind and body to be exposed and vulnerable by what emerged after the creative process had boiled,bubbled, burped and generated a composition.

Adrenalin sent into the bloodstream enables a risk to be taken: mail the manuscript, hit the send key. It’s the only way to be published. The choice is yours, bettycarylflossie-lralong with: the agent, the editor and the publisher who all play their role in this adventure.