About Us

Betty Higbie writes children picture books. Flossie Q Fish, published in 2014, is available at bookstores or as an ebook at Scribl.com. It is a science picture book that describes under-sea volcanoes, whales and several other sea animals.

Lee Higbie writes non-fiction. Through Addison Wesley he published Computer Architecture in 1980 and has recently finished a short book on the pleasures and virtues of wine, Talking About Wines You Haven’t Yet Tasted.

Together they have written two novels that have been published on Scribl.com.

  1. No Sanctuary is a mystery set at Rowe Sanctuary in Nebraska.  As detective Bobbie Lee seeks the murderer of a philanthropist, she slowly begins to realize that her biological son, given up for adoption decades earlier, may be murderer.
  2. Ebolavirus is a bio-terrorism thriller set in Atlanta and the Middle East. CDC researcher Gunn Shore works to find the source of an Ebola outbreak in Israel, then Iraq and Egypt. While nearly loosing one team member to the gruesome disease, his DNA analysis of the virus points to an American source.

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